Custom Fiberglass Doors Toronto

Custom Fiberglass Doors Toronto

Fiberglass Doors for Your Toronto Home

The entryway sets the tone for the rest of your house. When remodeling, fixing up, or improving curb appeal, homeowners often overlook one of the essential features of their house: the front door. Its style, appearance, and durability keep your home safe and beautiful.

Not all front doors are the same, though. There are steel and wood doors that bring a distinctive flair to your home’s exterior. Fiberglass entry doors are relatively new to the front door scene. This particular material racks up a lot of advantages to the upkeep of your front porch. Investing in one of these likely means saving more money down the line. But there is always more to know about fiberglass before putting it on display in your neighborhood.  

Maintenance and Energy Efficiency of Fiberglass Entry Doors

Fiberglass doors require very little maintenance. When the humidity rises or the weather gets violent, the material does not expand or contract. It maintains its shape. There is no need to regularly check up on the status of the door because its durability keeps your home protected. 

Fiberglass doors are also one of the most energy-efficient doors on the market. Unfortunately, it is common to have doors that do not protect the heating, cooling, and other energy from escaping. Fiberglass, on the other hand, block damaging debris outside while maintaining your home’s energy inside. 

Longevity and Appearance of Fiberglass

Fiberglass can last for a long time- about 15 to 20 years. This means decades of protection from the harsh elements of Toronto. Snow, rain, and wind are all invasive components to the northern hemisphere climate. Your fiberglass door can assist in protecting your home and your family within. Additionally, if you get tired of your door’s appearance, painting fiberglass is easy and painless. 

Are Fiberglass Entry Doors Better than Wood and Steel?

The advantages of fiberglass entry doors stack up against those of wood and steel. Fiberglass is energy efficient, has low maintenance, can uphold a long lifespan, and resists dents, scrapes, and scratches. However, it comes down to the style of door you want. 

Wood entry doors are very pleasing to the eye. For centuries, people have entered homes admiring the aesthetics of the wood front door. With a beautiful stain finish, it can complete the perfect entryway style you always wanted. However, wood can be costly and does not have the same energy efficiency as fiberglass. Fortunately, the fiberglass material can be manipulated to look like a wood door. 

Steel doors are like fiberglass in that they are very energy efficient and can be shaped to look like wood. Due to its strong material, steel is instrumental in combating weather debris and unexpected home invaders. However, its material also serves as a disadvantage since it is prone to scrapes and scratches. 

Though steel and wood front doors offer some significant advantages, fiberglass doors have fewer disadvantages. They have the durability of steel, the appearance of wood, and the low maintenance of both. 


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